Joanna Gleich

Although my painting does not reflect reality, it remains intertwined with it in many ways.—Just see and discover.

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It is actually feelings that are painted there. But what interests me most are the colors, how they work together, how they relate to each other, why one image is appealing and exciting and another is not. I'm trying to find out for myself. -Joanna Gleich

Since nature disturbs

The image becomes independent in the mind, it develops a life of its own. Within this image system there are requirements and everything has to be right. -Joanna Gleich

Lose myself

When the sun comes from below, it breaks. I want to show that. And only with the exaggeration does it make this picturesquely plastic impression. In the picture, all forms become things that have a life of their own. I want to be able to go into my pictures, lose myself in them. -Joanna Gleich

brush style

When I was a young woman I was told that I had a very unique brushwork. I couldn't judge that at the time. Now, after thirty years of painting, I see it too. In fact: You can't imitate my style, because that's where all my energy is. The whole world clings to this single gesture and this conviction gives strength. I always have the idea that all life depends on it, that all the drama of life lies in it. -Joanna Gleich